About Us

test logoThe Twisted Pine Woodworking Co. was founded in 2016 by myself, Retired Navy LS Daniel Kass. With over 17 years of woodworking experience from what started out as a love for woodworking when taking shop class in high school at Wellington Secondary School in Nanaimo, I took my love of hand skills to the Military and became a Hull Technician for the Canadian Armed Forces for 9 years. There is where I tuned my hand skills in all aspects of woodworking, metalworking and other trades like plumbing, HVAC & Firefighting, but woodworking was always my number one love.

Being injured in 2012 and then subsequently medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2015, I had to decide what my career path would be since it was just thrown for a major loop. So I decided why not continue my love of woodworking and share it with others, and that is how The Twisted Pine Woodworking Co. came to be.

The Twisted Pine Woodworking Co. specializes in wood furniture with a rustic, cottage, farmhouse type of feel. The feeling of relaxation and calmness when you see and look at the piece is what we strive for. All hand made by myself, every piece is unique. From each piece of wood to each type of stain, the finished project will be a unique piece for you to keep. Made from hand picked fir or pine, unless otherwise stated, you will get a strong yet cozy piece of furniture that makes you feel like you are out at the cottage for a weekend getaway, but it’s there for your everyday use.

So what is rustic? The British Dictionary defines it as; (we focus on #1, 6, 7 & 10)

rustic [ruhs-tik]


1.of, characteristic of, or living in the country; rural
2.having qualities ascribed to country life or people; simple;unsophisticated: rustic pleasures
3.crude, awkward, or uncouth
4.made of untrimmed branches: a rustic seat
5.denoting or characteristic of a style of furniture popular in England inthe 18th and 19th centuries, in which the legs and feet of chairs,tables, etc, were made to resemble roots, trunks, and branches oftrees
6.(of masonry) having a rusticated finish
7.(of stonework) having the surfaces rough or irregular and the jointssunken or beveled.

8.a person who comes from or lives in the country
9.an unsophisticated, simple, or clownish person from the country
10.Also called rusticwork. brick or stone having a rough finish

I hope you enjoy your furniture as much as I enjoy making it. Feel free to give us a shout before & after your purchase to let us know how you feel about your product!

Daniel Kass
The Twisted Pine Woodwork Co.