Orders closed until further notice

Hey everyone!

This is a hard one for me, but as of this announcement (November 14 2020), Twisted Pine Woodworking is closing orders until further notice. Right now the waitlist is over 6 months long, and while that is a good thing for me, I do not think it is fair to the customers, and it actually discourages people from coming back.

Part of the reasons that the waitlist has become so long is 2 fold. The first being COVID, and I think that the fact that more people are staying home, they are seeing that they want to redecorate. The second is because of my other job. I got a part time job in 2018 to help me with my mental health. I needed the day to day interaction with people, and working all day in my shop by myself was having an affect on my mental health. The past 2 years has been great doing both jobs, up until COVID hit. Because of COVID I am now working full time as a provincial PPE procurement person trying to find all the provincial prison’s PPE for staff and residents. This has taken a toll on me as I now had to cram 2 full time jobs into 7 days a week. Not only just a toll on me, but my family also.

I do want to say that this does not mean Twisted Pine Woodworking is shutting down as a business. New orders are just on pause until further notice. Current orders in which deposits have already been paid will still be completed. So don’t worry about that!

I want to thank each and every customer. Past, present & future. And I hope that once things settle back down, and we finally beat COVID, I will be able to focus my time back to what I love doing. Which is seeing people be happy with what I build for them.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for understanding and I hope to see you when orders open again.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or send a message on social media.

Twisted Pine Woodworking Co.