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Here at The Twisted Pine Woodworking Co. our policy is to strive to make each item we make a perfect fit for your home. With all of our furniture being hand made, there will always be little imperfections in the furniture. Dents, chips, checks and wane are just some of the natural defects of wood that you may find in your piece. We hand pick all of our wood to try to minimize the size and amount of those defects, but sometimes those defects are what make the furniture stand out as unique. Remember we are going for a rustic cottage farmhouse type of feel. Something to remind you of a relaxing time to get away from it all, but for use in your everyday life. We use pine, spruce and fir in most of our builds, unless otherwise specified, for a strong lightweight piece of furniture!

With all of our furniture being hand made, you can expect a humans caring touch on each piece. With that, you can also realize that your piece is 100% unique and you won’t be able to buy it out of some big box store and you support local economy!

We try our hardest to make all of our customers happy. Feel free to contact us at any time before, during, or after your purchase if you have any questions at all.

Payment and Ordering Process
On orders over $100.00, 30% of the total cost is due before building starts. This is to secure your order and start off your project and order materials to built your item. The other 70% is due upon completion. For orders under $100.00, the full payment is due upon ordering.

Orders will be built in the order the deposits are paid. If, after you order, you wish to add different options, you may occur more charges depending on what you would like.

All payments and items are non-refundable or exchangeable. If in the case you would like a refund once your project is complete, we can put your item in our “available now stock” section and when/if it sold, you will get your money back that way for the price listed. But be aware, once your money is paid, it goes towards lumber and materials made specifically to your ordered items.

Delivery and rush charges also cannot be refunded. Unfortunately we are a small local business and can’t do that.


Shipping options are for us to deliver it to you. Most of our items are large and shipping via courier would be even more expensive than us delivering it to your door. Also this way if anything happens to it, its our fault, not yours or a third party. This keeps your cost down! Smaller items like wall art and signs may be shipped by a 3rd party if its cheaper for you. This will all be talked about when you order!

Completion Dates

Completion Dates are estimates, not a guarantee. Life happens and sometimes things get pushed to the left or right. It may be sooner, (yay) or it may be late. (d’oh). If you wish to get your item sooner than the estimated date, there is always the rush order option.

Rush Orders

Orders that have purchased the “Rush Order” option will be put ahead of the current normal queue of orders, but behind other rush orders. Rush orders will be processed in the order that they are received. Rush orders do not mean that your item will be built any faster, just means when it starts to be built will be ahead of the normal order queue. The price of rush orders is high and that is to keep it for those who really want it, so it doesn’t make the rest (and most) of the orders fall to far behind.

Waiver of Liability

Upon purchasing an item from The Twisted Pine Woodworking Co., you acknowledge, appreciate and agree that:

  1. With all furniture being hand made, there may be little imperfections in the furniture. Dents, chips, checks and wane are just some of the natural defects of wood that may be found in the piece, and future cracking, shrinking and/or warping may and most likely will happen as that is the natural process of softwood; and
  2. By purchasing an item from us, you accept that we are not responsible for any injuries that may happen. If the product is used as intended, there should be no problem. Please note that with children’s beds and cribs, that the rustic look may have some corners or rough parts to it so please keep that in mind. ; and
  3. I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, HEREBY RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS, the Twisted Pine Woodworking Co., and all associated with it, WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to person or property, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES OR OTHERWISE

10% Military & First Responders discount information

10% off valid only on regular priced items. Valid to Active and former Canadian Military, Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics and SAR. Must show valid ID. Immediate sale items may or may not be eligible as some items are sales from previous customers that have not finished payment or decided to want a return on their item. (see refund policy above). Please see each item to see if it is exempt.

– The Twisted Pine Woodworking Co.

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