Wooden Toilet Stool


The Wooden Toilet Stool (Squatty Potty, Potty Squatty, etc) is a helpful tool for your everyday life that everyone should have and use! From young to old, it helps your health! It puts your feet up in a more natural position for when you are using the toilet! Why use an ugly plastic step, when you can use a beautiful rustic wooden toilet stool customized for your unique taste and style!



Wooden Toilet Stool (Squatty Potty)

Additional information

Color Options

Single Color, Two-Tone

Distressing Options (Only works on painted items)

No Distressing, Distressed

Paint Colors

Paint can be whatever color you wish! Just get a swatch and let us know!

Stain Colors

For stain examples head to http://twistedpinewoodworking.com/stain/